Couple with LaptopTech Support for non-techies. Are you confused or overwhelmed by technology – computers, tablets and smartphones? Do you have a hard time doing the simplest things? Do you rely on a family member or friend when you run into problems? No Nonsense Help provides friendly, patient support on the phone, online or in your home or office. We’ve all been there.

Now you can call No Nonsense Help. We will talk you through a solution or we can connect remotely to your computer to fix the problem and show you what’s going on. We can even make house calls either to fix something, to help you setup equipment or to provide private tutoring.

We focus on people who are not-comfortable with computers, either because they never learned or because it’s just too confusing. We aim to be patient, friendly and non-judgmental in working with you

Woman with Laptop on Bed Man with Tablet
Give us a call at 443 821-0600 or send an email the next time you need some technical help. Let us show you what No Nonsense Help can do for you!