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Cutting the Cord

Is your cable bill getting too high? If so, you might want to consider “cutting the cord.” This means cancelling your cable TV altogether and watching TV with streaming content. Depending on what you like to watch, this move can save you substantial money.

There are several advantages to cancelling cable TV.

  1. Cost Savings: Cable TV packages can be expensive, and many people find that they are paying for channels that they don’t watch. By cancelling cable and subscribing to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video, you can save a significant amount of money each month.
  2. More Flexibility: With streaming services, you can choose from a wide variety of content and watch it on your own schedule. You can also pause, rewind, or fast-forward through shows, which is not always possible with cable TV.
  3. No Contract: With cable TV, you are often locked into a specific package for a certain period. With streaming services, there are typically no contracts or long-term commitments, so you can cancel or switch services at any time.
  4. Access to More Content: Streaming services offer access to a wider range of content than cable TV. With streaming services, you have access to original programming that is not available on cable. Additionally, many streaming services offer a vast library of movies and TV shows that you can access on demand.
  5. Better User Experience: Streaming services often provide a better user experience than cable TV. Many are available on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.
  6. Another possible benefit might be to cancel your landline telephone that is included in your cable subscription.

There are also disadvantages to cancelling cable. There may be programs you like to watch that are not available on streaming. For instance, watching major league sports on streaming could be as expensive as cable, depending on what you want. Local broadcast programming may also not be available easily with streaming, though it is possible to install an external antenna to receive local programs. (Remember rabbit ears?)

Conclusion: If you would like to reduce your cable bill, consider eliminating it altogether and moving to streaming only. If you would like to consider this, No Nonsense Help can assist you in analyzing your options and making the transition. We have been helping people do this for several years and have considerable experience in doing so.

Slam the Scam

The Social Security Administration has declared March 9 to be National Slam the Scam Day. Even if you are not on social security, they offer a number of important ideas to protect yourself from scammers.
Recognize the four basic signs of a scam:

  1. Scammers pretend to be from a familiar organization or agency, like the Social Security Administration. They may email attachments with official-looking logos, seals, signatures, or pictures of employee credentials.
  2. Scammers mention a problem or a prize. They may say your Social Security number was involved in a crime or ask for personal information to process a benefit increase.
  3. Scammers pressure you to act immediately. They may threaten you with arrest or legal action.
  4. Scammers tell you to pay using a gift card, prepaid debit card, cryptocurrency, wire or money transfer, or by mailing cash. They may also tell you to transfer your money to a “safe” account.

Ignore scammers and report criminal behavior.